Care Instructions: Crowns

  • We recommend several homecare instructions that will ensure your comfort and successful placement of your crown.
  • Your anesthesia will wear off within a few hours after your procedure. Although your fillings are set up completely during your appointment and can be used to chew right away, it is very important not to chew on the numb side until the anesthesia wears off. This will help to prevent biting your tongue, lips, or cheek. Eating any hot food or drinks while numb can also cause you to unknowingly burn yourself.
  • After the numbness wears off, you can resume normal eating with your permanent crown. However, while in a temporary crown, we recommend avoiding sticky, chewy food such as gum, candy, or gummy bears, as this may loosen the crown.
  • While in your temporary crown, we recommend the use of a Waterpik®, rather than floss thread, as flossing can cause the loosening of the crown. Once you’ve received your permanent crown you can floss normally.
  • It’s possible (and normal) to temporarily experience hot, cold, and/or pressure sensitivity following a dental crown procedure—this will subside after a few days. To help with sensitivity, you can brush your teeth using a desensitizing toothpaste like Sensodyne®. Taking a pain reducer such as Tylenol® or ibuprofen (Advil® or Motrin®) can also help minimize dental crown sensitivity, gum tenderness, and soreness associated with the area where the anesthetic was injected.
  • In most patients, the bite is normal after a dental crown procedure. However, it can be difficult to sense the bite when your mouth is numb. If you find that your bite is uneven once your anesthesia wears off, please reach out to us as soon as you notice the issue.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our office.

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