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General and Preventative Dental Procedures at Vero Dental

General dentistry and preventive dentistry like what Vero Dental offers our patients in Lehi, UT involves establishing habits that will keep your teeth healthy help you avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel wear, and more. During your regular visit, your dental hygienist will point out any issues that you may be having with your oral hygiene.


Your hygienist will perform a cleaning, dental exam, an oral cancer exam, and take any necessary X-rays. We will also evaluate the appearance of your teeth and recommend any aesthetic procedures that will enhance your smile, such as cosmetic or orthodontic procedures.

What You Can Do to Prevent Tooth Decay

Establishing at-home oral hygiene habits is essential to keeping your teeth healthy. Brushing twice a day for at least two minutes and flossing after eating will help to remove plaque and decay. Plaque is difficult to remove and the best at-home habits may not be enough to keep it a bay. This is why it is so important to schedule regular dental visits and allow our trained staff of oral hygienists to catch any problems that may be lurking before they become serious.

Dental Exams

You should see a dentist for an exam twice per year, where Alex Harris, DDS examines your teeth, gums, and overall dental health. We will talk about your smile and discuss treatment plans to meet your oral health or cosmetic goals.
Schedule regular dental cleanings in Lehi, UT.

Dental Cleanings

Regular teeth cleanings are important because a professional cleans all areas around your teeth and can identify and treat any changes that may occur. It is impossible to remove tartar by brushing and flossing, but a hygienist will clear it all away, which is a crucial part of preventing gum disease and tooth decay. We recommend having your teeth professionally cleaned at least every 6 months.
Schedule regular dental cleanings in Lehi, UT.

Tooth Fillings

Dental fillings are a great way to improve the overall appearance of a tooth, and the most common way to repair cracked, broken, or decayed teeth. Our office offers fillings made of tooth-colored composite and porcelain.

Tooth Extractions

If you would like a tooth extracted, Alex Harris, DDS can comfortably remove it in our office. We typically view extraction as a last resort procedure, as it is usually preferable to try saving the tooth through other means. By removing unwanted, damaged, or broken teeth, you can achieve a healthier smile that looks amazing, and we can discuss replacement options.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is quickly becoming one of the most prevalent forms of cancer today, but it doesn’t receive much attention compared to breast and lung cancer. Many cases go undetected until they’re more advanced because it’s not a risk in the public’s mind. We at Vero Dental want to stop oral cancer in its tracks by diagnosing it early, and that’s where oral cancer screenings come in.

Risk Factors for Oral Cancer

Several risk factors increase a person’s chances of developing oral cancer. Some of them are out of our control, such as age and sex. Men are twice as likely as women to develop oral cancer, and it is far more common in people over 45. But there are plenty of risk factors that we can control, the biggest of which is tobacco. 85% of oral cancer cases are linked to some kind of tobacco use (even e-cigarettes). The next-biggest avoidable risk factor is frequent, heavy alcohol consumption.


A few of the less-obvious risk factors include getting too much sun (which can cause lip cancer), HPV, and neglecting your oral hygiene, particularly if you also smoke. You can eliminate this risk factor by brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and scheduling regular dental appointments.

Oral Cancer Symptoms to Watch Out For

Unfortunately, even people with none of these risk factors will sometimes develop oral cancer anyway, which is why it’s important to be able to recognize the symptoms:

  • A sore in the mouth or on the lip that doesn’t heal
  • Red or white patches inside the mouth
  • Unusual lump on lip, mouth, neck, or throat, or strange thickness in the cheek
  • Persistent sensation of having something stuck in the throat
  • Numbness of mouth or tongue
  • Difficulty with chewing or swallowing
  • Chronic bad breath


If you do have one or more of the risk factors for oral cancer, getting regular general health screenings can catch it before you even notice any symptoms. The earlier oral cancer is caught, the easier it is to beat it.

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