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Actual Patient Before & After Photos

Dental veneers patient smiling after receiving veneers
When it comes to giving a patient their dream smile, it’s all about listening, understanding, and executing their vision. For this patient, it took 10 minimally prepped veneers to help her get there. Attention to the details makes all the difference.
"Love my new veneers! I love my new smile. I really can’t stop smiling. Dr. Harris was so open to listening to what I wanted! I wanted a natural color and I wanted people to think they were my teeth! Now when I tell people I have veneers they usually are so surprised they aren’t my teeth. Thanks for making my dream smile a reality Dr. Harris!"
Samantha J.
Veneers Patient

Dental Veneers

Lehi UT dental patient before and after photos of broken tooth repair
Surfing is swell until you take a surfboard to the mouth. With the help of Utah Valley Dental Lab we were able to replace our patient's single tooth with a veneer, one of the most technique-sensitive treatments we do as cosmetic dentists.
Lehi UT dental veneers before and after photo at Vero Dental with Alex Harris, DDS
Here is an amazing before and after of a patient's smile that was corrected with veneers. Veneers are ideal for treating a variety of cosmetic dental issues. In this case, they were able to improve the shape of the teeth, close spaces, and provide an overall whiter smile!
Before and after photo where broken teeth were fixed by veneers
This patient was in an accident as a child that resulted in broken front teeth and necessary root canals. While dental bonding was a good temporary fix, it was time for a more permanent solution to idealize shape, color, and the overall health of his mouth. Dr. Alex Harris minimally prepared 10 upper teeth for veneers in this smile transformation. A true game-changer.
Before and after photos of patient with dental veneers
This patient's dream was to eliminate the feeling that her teeth were "pulled-in" and that her front two teeth dominated her smile. With eight porcelain veneers, Dr. Alex Harris improved the shape, angle, and length of her teeth, giving her the smile she always desired. What a beautiful result!
Before and after photo of patient with dental veneers in Lehi UT
This patient had existing dental work that he felt “stuck out” when smiling. He told us that he hoped to smile without it “looking” like he had dental work done. With just 4 veneers we were able to better match the color and shape of his teeth giving him the natural look he always wanted!
Smile design dental veneers patient before and after photo in Lehi Utah
Out with the old, in with the new. Not all veneers are created equal! Our patient’s older composite veneers had stained and discolored over the years. They were replaced with new, natural-looking porcelain veneers. So much goes into the fine details of every smile design in our office. We love what we do!
Smiling patient before and after photos after receiving 2 dental veneers from Vero Dental
A childhood accident left this patient with fractures on his front two teeth (you can see the line in one of them). He had dental work done at another office, including bonding, but he was ready for a more natural and permanent solution. So much detail and effort goes into matching a smile when doing just 2 veneers. We were all thrilled with the result! You can even see the happiness in the after photo.
Lehi UT cosmetic dentistry patient before and after teeth whitening and gum contouring photos
Prep for a wedding doesn’t always have to be just for the bride. We met this patient and her daughter at a local bridal fair. With our in office whitening, gum contouring, and 4 veneers to replace worn teeth and older dental work, we helped this patient get ready for her daughter’s (and her) big day.

Smile Design & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental veneers and dental crowns before and after photo
After years of suffering from wear, erosion, and a collapsed bite, we were pleased to renew the aesthetics of this patient's smile while also improving function. Phase 1 (pictured): Dr. Alex Harris and his team restored the front 20 teeth to their original position using a mix of veneers and crowns. Phase 2 (in progress): We are currently matching the molars to their new position. Shout out to our amazing cosmetic team at Utah Valley Dental Lab for their outstanding collaboration in treatment planning and smile design.
Smile design before and after photos in Lehi UT at Vero Dental
Smile design is about much more than just teeth: it's about a foundation of healthy gums and understanding the importance of proper at-home care. With the full support of Dr. Alex Harris and his team, we will help you choose the right type of cosmetic dentistry to help you achieve your best smile and maintain long-term results.
Patient before and after photos who received dental crowns and veneers at Vero Dental in Lehi, UT
Our motto "true to your smile" is always at the forefront of our treatment! Each patient has their own idea of a perfect smile and we love to help them get there! Since this patient loves the shape of their natural canines, Dr. Alex Harris used 4 veneers/crowns to improve his smile while also staying true to the patient's unique look.
Veneers and gum contouring before and after patient photos
Our patient was always self-conscious about her smile but with the help of Dr. Alex Harris and the team, eight veneers and a gum contouring treatment gave her the life-changing results she was looking for. The final result improved the shape and color of her teeth, leaving her with a beautiful smile!
Before and after dental veneers replacement patient photos in Lehi, UT
This patient had multiple veneers placed just a few years ago. Although she felt it improved her smile she knew it was time for a fresh start. By replacing the old veneers and adding a few more to improve symmetry and color, Dr. Alex Harris and the team were able to take her smile to the next level. What an outstanding result!
Patient before and after photos from teeth whitening and dental veneers in Lehi, UT
For this patient, a dream smile meant creating symmetry, closing the gap of his front teeth, and whitening while also keeping a natural look. To accomplish this, Lehi, UT dentist, Dr. Alex Harris, placed 10 veneers and whitened his teeth, giving him the smile he always wanted. What a great transformation!
Gum lift patient before and after photos at Vero Dental in Lehi UT
For this patient, their dream smile was one with more teeth and less gum. In less than an hour, Dr. Alex Harris was able to help her achieve an amazing result using a gum lift technique with our diode laser. Click the link in our bio for more information on gum contouring or to schedule a consultation.
Dental crowns and veneers patient before and after photos at Vero Dental in Lehi, UT
Our patient finally had enough with the “worn out” look of his smile. With 14 hand-crafted crowns and veneers we made sure his teeth would last for many years to come. As a bonus, we used a natural white shade to improve the color and get him the smile he has always wanted.
Love this result! With gum contouring, whitening, and six veneers we were able to give this patient just what she wanted.
Veneers patient before and after photos
After years of not loving his smile and experiencing some life changes, our patient was ready for a smile refresh. His goal was to have a bright, white, and symmetrical new smile. To help him obtain that, we did gum contouring and 8 veneers. Now his goal is to learn how to smile proudly.
Dr. Brennan Stringam patient before and after treatment photo
A childhood accident left our patient with a dark front tooth and lacking the confidence to smile. With a gum lift and two veneers, we were able to mask the darker color of the affected tooth and closely match her adjacent teeth.
Dr. Brennan Stringam patient before and after treatment photo
As an influencer, being able to smile confidently allows this patient to connect more authentically with others. For years, she was self- conscious of her smile due to dark spots on her front teeth. Her goal was to have a full, stunning smile that she is proud to share with others. We helped her obtain her dream smile with 10 veneers and a slight gum lift that she is proud to share with confidence.
Dr. Brennan Stringam patient before and after treatment photo
This patient was always self-conscious of her small "snaggly-tooth" and didn't like the spacing of her front teeth. Her goal was a full and natural smile, which we accomplished with gum shaping and 10 veneers. The best part of her story is that, since receiving her new smile, she catches herself smiling in every mirror she passes!

Dental Implants

Dental implants in Lehi UT patient before and after photos
"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth” With two dental implants and amazing cosmetic work by Dr. Alex Harris and Utah Valley Dental Lab we made this patient’s Christmas wish a reality.

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