Dental fillings in Lehi, UT
Tooth fillings in Lehi, UT

Tooth Fillings in Lehi, UT

Restore Function and Shape

Most everyone will need a dental filling in their lives. They are one of the most common procedures performed in a dentist's office, and we offer a variety of filling options at our practice in Lehi, UT.

If a tooth decays because of a cavity or disease, or is cracked or chipped, a filling is inserted into the affected area. This reshapes the tooth and helps it regain function while preventing further damage. If you have a chipped tooth or a tooth that has decayed, contact Vero Dental in Lehi, Utah, today for a consultation to discuss your treatment options.

Why Fill a Tooth?

Fillings are a great way to restore shape and size to a tooth for an overall beautiful smile, even if no issue is present. They are also an effective way of treating teeth that are damaged. When your dentist discovers a part of a tooth that is chipped or decayed, you should treat the tooth as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. Sometimes, a root canal fails to remove all of the infected portions of the tooth and leaves some behind. Once discovered, a dentist can remove the portions and fill the area with a dental filling to restore the tooth's structure. Similar treatment is performed on a broken, cracked, or chipped tooth.

By restoring these teeth, you protect the tooth and surrounding teeth from becoming infected or damaged. If left untreated, a damaged tooth may cause pain when eating, and can lead to malnourishment. These are reasons why regular dental exams are important. At these visits, Dr. Harris will examine your teeth and if any cracks or decay is spotted, we can treat the area quickly and effectively.

Types of Fillings

Every smile is unique. Dr. Harris will closely examine the state of your teeth and your overall oral health. Together, you will select the right dental treatment and filling type for you. We provide tooth-colored composite resin and porcelain fillings at our office. The most common types of dental fillings include:

  • Composite Resins. Tooth-colored fillings are designed to match the color of your other teeth, ideal for front teeth or front-facing surfaces of teeth. The composite materials, quartz or glass, may wear out faster than amalgam fillings. Composite fillings can become stained, which may require touch-ups sooner than other filling options.
  • Porcelain Fillings. Also called inlays or onlays, this type of filling is made in a lab and then bonded to the tooth by your dentist. Porcelain fillings are resistant to staining and cost roughly the same as gold fillings.
  • Gold Fillings. Gold fillings are long-lasting and very strong. They cost more than other filling materials, but this material is resistant to staining, which preserves the results of the filling.
  • Silver Fillings (Amalgams). These durable fillings are strong and relatively inexpensive. They have a natural darker color and may not be ideal for fillings on the front teeth. Silver amalgam fillings can last a long time.

The Tooth Filling Process

At Vero Dental, we make sure every patient feels informed and comfortable. When you visit our office for dental care, our hygienist will take X-rays of your teeth if we have not done so already. We will examine your teeth and make sure you are comfortable in the dentist chair. As a courtesy, we offer complimentary noise-cancelling headphones.

To fill a tooth, we will numb the area with local anesthesia first. If you are interested in other forms of anesthesia, we can discuss these options with you to select the right type for your level of anxiety and comfort.

When the area is numb, we will use a drill to remove any remaining decayed portions within the tooth and replace it with the pre-selected type of filling. This process typically takes about an hour, but it can vary depending on how many teeth you would like to be filled.

How to Care for Your Filling

Some patients experience sensitivity around a newly filled tooth, but this will fade over time. You should not feel any immediate pain or pressure on the tooth. If you do, it could mean that the filling is slightly too tall, and we can easily correct this issue. The local anesthesia we used during the procedure will make the area numb for up to several hours, which can provide additional comfort after you leave our office.

We will provide you with instructions about how long to wait before eating and what types of food to avoid. If you ever have questions, or would like to find out how tooth fillings can restore appearance and function to a damaged tooth, contact Vero Dental in Lehi, Utah, today.

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